Wax Profile with Loop
  • Wax Profile with Loop

    The True North Wax Profile, featuring our patented binding loop attachment. Form & Function for a fraction of the price of mass-produced metal benches. Wings slide in & out to adjust to any length ski, while the binding loop telescopes up/down to adjust to the camber of the ski. Great for use as your home bench, or as a portable profile for race day kick and top-coat application. Fits SNS, NNN, & Prolink bindings.  

    The profile can be clamped to our portable stand (sold separate) or it can be affixed to any existing work bench or table. Some use c-clamps, while others mount permanently.
    • Details

      Why go with a Binding Loop vs a clamp-style? We offered clamp-style for years and have moved 100% to loop after customer feedback on our innovation. The Binding Loop offers superior stability, quicker ski attachment, and gives you more range of motion. Elite skiers love the binding loop, as it's much easier to do hand-structure, roto-work, etc without a clamp in the way.